“DC Group” company has been engaged in wholesale of automotive paints, engine oils, filters, antifreeze and accumulators in the market of Azerbaijan since 1991. The company officially registered in 2005, and the main office of which is located in Baku, as well as has representations, points of sale and delivery options to any address throughout the regions of Azerbaijan. We are dealing with the foreign manufacturers at the level of distributorship with whom we are collaborating within the framework of our activity.

Our company is currently cooperating with the countries that are leaders in their own spheres like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, China, and so on. Our main trade brands consist of "ORLEN OIL", the state oil company of Poland; "SINTASH BOYA", one of the largest automotive paint producers of Turkey; the brands "UNIX", "SIBTROL" and "MOZER" of "SV-HIM" factory, the well-known engine oil and antifreeze producer of Russia; the brands like "VOLTA" and "FEON" of "ISTA" factory that is one of the biggest accumulator manufacturers of Ukraine.

While increasing new brands and their variety every year in "DC GROUP" company, their quality and safety is also controlled in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. This is, at the same time, serving to meet the consumers' and customers' demands and desires.

One of the main goals of "DC GROUP" company is to place the quality factor in the forefront of all areas of its activity and establish as a priority to customers’ satisfaction. The main targets of our company are to be constantly developed pursuant to the scope of the company activity, to expand the served area, to ensure professionalism of our employees, to increase the number of the customers and partners year by year, to gain the image of "leadership" by actively participating in the creation of healthy competition environment in the marketplace. Successes on these targets are achieved due to the developed technical basis, including experienced and qualified personnel of the company in the field of trade.

  • Our core values






  • Our mission

    - To seek continuous improvement in all aspects of the area at which we operate

    - To increase assortment and to create turnover on a broad scale

    - To improve quality control

    - To grow with our employees and to thrive with our employees